Digital Ageism

About the Problem

Within Aging Sector

Organization development specialists have always known community-based services, especially small non-profits, have struggled to strategically leverage digital tools and solutions even websites.

Our team focuses on the aging sector and during our clients’ Covid-19 Pivots, we noted at an alarming rate the number of agencies commenting on the lack of digital intelligence their older people have.  Not only is this inaccurate, but is ageist. 

These thought processes have to be dismantled and corrected.

Within the Digital Sector

Older users have been taught when they encounter errors, especially digital ones, the fault is their “fat fingers,” “shaky hands,” or perhaps their lack of digital intelligence.

The design team is at fault, not the older person. 

UX designers, UI designers, and the agency that hired them should have taken their customers into account when creating the experience and interface.  They need to understand the physical changes we experience, cognitive changes, and how older clients want to use the tools provided.  In fact, the design team consistently neglecting the needs of older users contributes to the everyday ageism older people experience.

Dismantling digital ageism

About the Solution with KovirPage & KovirTech LLCs

Organization Development Opportunities

Digital Audits

With a set of guidelines and checklists, we can perform a professional audit on your website, social media, and other digital spaces.  We also use your own clients in this process to ensure the most practical feedback possible.


Whether your team is a Tech Corp, an Aging Sector Business, or Aging Sector Non-Profit, our practical sessions or day-long trainings that push your team towards outcomes like:

  • Increased Adaptability while Addressing Digital Barriers for Older People
  • Increased Digital Outreach and Engagement with Older People
  • Increased Digital Rapport Building Skills with Older People
  • Increased Confidence in Aging Centered User Experience
  • Understanding of Aging Theories’ intersection with Digital Intelligence
In 2021 we are slated for in-services with the National Association of Activity Professionals, National Association of Social Workers Michigan Chapter, University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti Housing Commission, and Digital Inclusion.


An online community platform designed for older people.  Your organization can purchase and modify your platform for the unique needs and interests of your community members.  AgeFlux is completely customizable, offers social activity, calendar, purchasing, live video embeds, class storage, no limits on the number of members, and more.

Professional Development Opportunities


KovirPage, and our partner company KovirTech, offer webinars so you as an individual can invest in your own learning and grow.  We have live webinar, webinar replays at the same cost, and soon we will be releasing a course on digital community building for aging sector professionals.

Individual Training

Perhaps you are a leader or emerging leader in a unique situation.  Perhaps you going to be leading another group through this process.  We can talk about if one-on-one or dyad-on-one training is a fit for you.

LinkedIn Group Collaboration

We maintain a Linkedin Group called “Dismantling Digital Ageism” open to any professional interested in learning and collaborating.


If you work at a senior center (senior community center, activity center, wellness center), consider joining WizeCove.  WizeCove is a network of other senior center professionals banding together to work through common yet complicated circumstances.  You’ll have access to KovirPage resources at a discount as well as remote interns to assist with the development of select projects.

We believe senior centers are an invaluable community hub that has a significant impact on not only the well being of individuals, but also on age-friendly community development and anti-ageism efforts.  Their role is critical in this movement.